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KTrain a Kieser Training app for Garmin watches

KTrain is a Garmin watch app which supports doing Kieser training workouts in a Kieser gym. It has two modes: 'Setup workout' and 'Do workout'.
The first mode is used to select the machines for your workout and enter the weights and settings for each of the machines selected. The 'Do workout' mode is used during your workout and will display the settings for a machine and then time your set. It shows your current heart rate and elapsed time during the set and optionally will provide a pacing signal to assist you maintain the recommended 4-2-4-2 pace.
It records data from your workout in a FIT file (see ANT+) which can be displayed in one of the companion Garmin CIQ apps (i.e. Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Connect using a web browser). It supports English, German, French and Spanish languages depending on the setting on your watch.


KTrain app is still in beta testing but should be available from the Garmin store by late-September 2019